BFFs with an Elephant

Ben and I were really excited to see elephants in Asia. But, we also knew that a lot of Elephants are in a bad situation and going to see them or ride them ends up supporting animal cruelty or abuse. A mutual connection pointed us in the direction of the Elephant Nature Park. We went on one of their partner excursions and were able to walk with some rescued elephants, feed them (a lot), make them food, and bathe them. Overall, it was magical. Take a look yourself!

We shoot all of the footage with our GoPro Hero4 Session (and occasionally our Pixel 2 phones). We edit them in Quik on our phones and then upload to Vimeo. We are hoping to roll out more videos from big events (Galapagos, big excursions, etc.). We will add posts when the new videos come out and as always, share it all on Instagram